God’s Justice Defined…Sort Of

Often I look around the Nation we live in because of the onslaught of news coming from all sorts of sources confusion oftentimes reigns. Some of these sources you and I may be able to trust and the remainder, after listening, are simply put aside. Therefore, my observations are truly not my own, but, rather, a simple summary of the stories I hear and read and not my personal accounts or experiences. America is far too large, too varied, too difficult and too different from one place to another to grasp and summarize correctly. This small space these words occupy is simply not large enough to put into a succinct explanation or narrative. 

Much has happened over the course of my 72 years following the end  of  the Second World War. Everything is different and in so many ways. Upheavals socially, culturally, economically, religiously and in every other manner affecting the very perspective of every person who is 100 years or fewer years younger. Even a 10 year-old child is most likely affected enough by the stresses around them to tell a simple story. The vastness of the size of this Continent has not changed, but the surroundings of everyone born in America from 1920 through 2015 have been capsized, turned inside out, expanded and reduced many times over. For these reasons and more the English vocabulary is not sufficient to correctly describe the moment in which we live. 

For this moment I wish to turn to the 50th Psalm found in the Word of God for therein is found a voice of clarity, a voice to remove the shroud of haze surrounding us. Yes, I understand that most us us are wanting some relief from the stresses of the political battles taking place, but, personally, there seems to also be a need for a ‘reality check,’ a ‘gut check’ to see where we are standing.

Just about this time 79 years ago my Dad was unknowingly preparing himself to enlist in the U.S. Army and then go to Germany. On December 7th Japan would attack the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii followed by America’s declaration of war upon Japan on December 8th. Within 4 days America would also be at war in Europe against Germany and her allies. Not quite 4 years later in September of 1945 the Second World War officially came to an end. Global skirmishes continued to unfold for a while, but peace seemed to prevail…for a time.

Since those moments, the world has struggled to find peace, but there has been none, not really. America has been in turmoil in many ways since her founding in 1776 with an ongoing struggle for identity, seemingly. As Americans we had hoped for stability following the Civil War’s end on June 2, 1865 after almost 4 years of conflict that began on April 12, 1861. But man’s search for peace has not found an end from the moment Eve succumbed to Satan’s temptation.

Here we are on December 6, 2020 and we Americans find ourselves in another civil struggle, or war if you will, again. What we find now is a virtual struggle for the survival of our Republic that is being defined by the result of our recent Presidential Election. No need to even attempt to describe what is taking place, but we will know the ending soon enough.

Purposefully for this moment we can find God’s justice and perhaps our search for peace in the 50th Psalm in the Word of God.

“El, God, the Lord has spoken, and summoned the earth to come from the east and west. 2 From Zion, the most beautiful of all places, God has come in splendor. 3 “May our God come and not be silent.” Consuming fire goes ahead of him, and all around him a storm rages. 4 He summons the heavens above, as well as the earth, so that he might judge his people. 5 He says: “Assemble my covenant people before me, those who ratified a covenant with me by sacrifice.” 6 The heavens declare his fairness, for God is judge. (Selah) 7 He says: “Listen, my people. I am speaking! Listen, Israel. I am accusing you. I am God, your God! 8 I am not condemning you because of your sacrifices, or because of your burnt sacrifices that you continually offer me. 9 I do not need to take a bull from your household or goats from your sheepfolds. 10 For every wild animal in the forest belongs to me, as well as the cattle that graze on a thousand hills. 11 I keep track of every bird in the hills, and the insects of the field are mine. 12 Even if I were hungry, I would not tell you, for the world and all it contains belong to me. 13 Do I eat the flesh of bulls? Do I drink the blood of goats? 14 Present to God a thank offering. Repay your vows to the Most High. 15 Pray to me when you are in trouble. I will deliver you, and you will honor me.” 16 God says this to the evildoer: “How can you declare my commands, and talk about my covenant? 17 For you hate instruction and reject my words. 18 When you see a thief, you join him; you associate with men who are unfaithful to their wives. 19 You do damage with words, and use your tongue to deceive. 20 You plot against your brother; you slander your own brother. 21 When you did these things, I was silent, so you thought I was exactly like you. But now I will condemn you and state my case against you. 22 Carefully consider this, you who reject God. Otherwise I will rip you to shreds and no one will be able to rescue you. 23 Whoever presents a thank offering honors me. To whoever obeys my commands, I will reveal my power to deliver.”

Precisely, God will bless those who choose to follow after Him and He will judge those wh0 do not. God’s justice will finally prevail. Only when these two things occur will humankind know peace for only His peace is peace for only He is Judge.

This is a cold finality that will eventually consume the earth. Right now in America His justice will find a port because we humans have no justice in the end. In the end only God’s justice will prevail. Not everyone will like it nor agree with it, but only those who know Him as Savior and Lord.

At this moment those who know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord are in conflict with those who do not. For this is an immense struggle between good and evil, righteousness and unrighteousness and everyone involved knows who their enemy is. We all know. However, only those who are God’s own are able to know the difference.

Jesus is Lord.

About Bob Williford

Conservative Southern Baptist pastor, missionary, and personal evangelist. An avid supporter of Texas Tech Athletics. Enjoy oil painting, writing and woodworking. My wife, children, and grandchildren are my joy. Reading and writing are great for relaxing......
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